Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems

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Vehicle to grid (V2G) systems   [2011]

Koh, Shi Ying.

Schedulers in action   [2014]

Gupta Anjali

Profiling the performance of P4080DS   [2015]

Zheng, Zhipeng

Profiling a multicore : freescale P4080   [2014]

Klyne, Raymond

Profiling a multi-core (Freescale P4080)   [2016]

Ng, Daniel Jun Xian

Network design and characterization for ZedWulf   [2014]

Dhakshina Moorthy Pradeep

Micrium μC/OS-III++   [2014]

Do, Nhat Minh

Low-cost security system   [2016]

Lee, Kar Wai