Air Traffic Management Research Institute

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Public acceptance of drone applications in a highly urbanized environment   [2021]

Tan, Lynn Kai Lin; Lim, Beng Chong; Park, Guihyun Grace; Low, Kin Huat; Yeo, Victor Chuan Seng

Transition optimization for a VTOL tail-sitter UAV   [2020]

Li, Boyang; Sun, Jingxuan; Zhou, Weifeng; Wen, Chih-Yung; Low, Kin Huat; Chen, Chih-Keng

A multi-agent approach for reactionary delay prediction of flights   [2019]

Guleria, Yash; Cai, Qing; Alam, Sameer; Li, Lishuai

Swarm-based 4D path planning for drone operations in urban environments   [2021]

Wu, Yu; Low, Kin Huat; Pang, Bizhao; Tan, Qingyu

Collision severity evaluation of generalized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) impacting on aircraft engines   [2021]

Sivakumar, Anush Kumar; Mohd Hasrizam Che Man; Liu, Hu; Low, Kin Huat

WATT-EffNet: a lightweight and accurate model for classifying aerial disaster images   [2023]

Lee, Gao Yu; Dam, Tanmoy; Ferdaus, Md Meftahul; Poenar, Daniel Puiu; Duong, Vu N.

Preliminary investigation of wake vortex generated by spinning quadrotor propellers using overset mesh   [2021]

Nathanael, Joshua C.; Wang, John Chung-Hung; Low, Kin Huat

Short-term trajectory prediction using generative machine learning methods   [2020]

Le, Thanh Ha; Tran, Ngoc Phu; Pham, Duc-Thinh; Schultz, Michael; Alam, Sameer

Investigation of flight technical error for UAV separation requirement based on flight trajectory data   [2022]

Pang, Bizhao; Zhang, Mingcheng; Deng, Chao; Low, Kin Huat

A self-supervised monocular depth estimation approach based on UAV aerial images   [2022]

Zhang, Yuhang; Yu, Qing; Low Kin Huat ; Lv, Chen 

The face of trust: using facial action units (AUs) as indicators of trust in automation   [2021]

Chua, Jonathan Soon Kiat; Xu, Hong; Lye, Sun Woh