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Differential pulmonary transcriptomic profiles in murine lungs infected with low and highly virulent influenza H3N2 viruses reveal dysregulation of TREM1 signaling, cytokines, and chemokines   [2011]

Ivan, Fransiskus X.; Rajapakse, Jagath C.; Welsch, Roy E.; Rozen, Steve G.; Narasaraju, T.; Xiong, Gordon M.; Engelward, Bevin P.; Chow, Vincent T. K.

Positive-unlabeled learning for disease gene identification   [2012]

Yang, Peng; Li, Xiaoli; Mei, Jian-Ping; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Ng, See-Kiong

GPU accelerated molecular docking with parallel genetic algorithm   [2012]

Ouyang, Xuchang; Kwoh, Chee Keong

Spatiotemporal quantification of cell dynamics in the lung following influenza virus infection   [2013]

Yin, Lu; Xu, Shuoyu; Cheng, Jierong; Zheng, Dahai; Chen, Jianzhu; Yu, Hanry; Limmon, Gino V.; Leung, Nicola H. N.; Rajapakse, Jagath C.; Chow, Vincent T. K.

Ensemble positive unlabeled learning for disease gene identification   [2014]

Yang, Peng; Li, Xiaoli; Chua, Hon-Nian; Kwoh, Chee-Keong; Ng, See-Kiong

Experimenting Liver Fibrosis Diagnostic by Two Photon Excitation Microscopy and Bag-of-Features Image Classification   [2014]

Stanciu, Stefan G.; Xu, Shuoyu; Peng, Qiwen; Yan, Jie; Stanciu, George A.; Welsch, Roy E.; So, Peter T. C.; Csucs, Gabor; Yu, Hanry

QuickVina : accelerating AutoDock Vina using gradient-based heuristics for global optimization   [2012]

Handoko, Stephanus Daniel; Ouyang, Xuchang; Su, Chinh Tran To; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Ong, Yew Soon

Whole exome sequencing identifies a mutation for a novel form of corneal intraepithelial dyskeratosis   [2013]

Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian; Soler, V. J.; Tran-Viet, K.-N.; Galiacy, S. D.; Limviphuvadh, V.; Klemm, T. P.; St Germain, E.; Fournie, P. R.; Guillaud, C.; Hawthorne, F.; Suarez, C.; Kantelip, B.; Afshari, N. A.; Creveaux, I.; Luo, X.; Meng, W.; Calvas, P.; Cassagne, M.; Arne, J.-L.; Malecaze, F.; Young, T. L.; Rozen, Steve G.