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Evaluation of hydrogen producing cultures using pretreated food waste   [2014]

Hu, Cheng Cheng; Giannis, Apostolos; Chen, Chia-Lung; Wang, Jing-Yuan

Application of sequential extraction analysis to electrokinetic remediation of cadmium, nickel and zinc from contaminated soils   [2010]

Giannisa, Apostolos; Pentari, Despina; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Gidarakos, Evangelos

Characterization of induced struvite formation from source-separated urine using seawater and brine as magnesium sources   [2013]

Liu, Bianxia; Giannis, Apostolos; Zhang, Jiefeng; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing Yuan

Laboratory investigation on hydraulic anisotropy behavior of unsaturated soil   [2017]

Priono; Rahardjo, Harianto; Chatterjea, Kalyani; Leong, Eng-Choon

Microbial removal of carboxylic acids from 1,3-propanediol in glycerol anaerobic digestion effluent by PHAs-producing consortium   [2016]

Pan, Chaozhi; Tan, Giin-Yu Amy; Ge, Liya; Chen, Chia-Lung; Wang, Jing-Yuan

Facile preparation of fluorescent carbon dots for label-free detection of Fe3+   [2019]

Jayaweera, Supuli; Yin, Ke; Hu, Xiao; Ng, Wun Jern

Sr1−xCaxMoO3–Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 as the anode in solid oxide fuel cells : effects of Mo precipitation   [2013]

Xiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Liu, Zhaolin; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin

H2 and CH4 oxidation on Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 infiltrated SrMoO3-yttria-stabilized zirconia anode for solid oxide fuel cells   [2012]

Xiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Zhang, Lan; Lee, Jong-Min; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin

Monitoring transitory profiles of leachate humic substances in landfill aeration reactors in mesophilic and thermophilic conditions   [2015]

Tong, Huanhuan; Yin, Ke; Ge, Liya; Giannis, Apostolos; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Chuan, Valerie W.L.

Application of system dynamics modeling for evaluation of different recycling scenarios in Singapore   [2016]

Giannis, Apostolos; Chen, Miaoju; Yin, Ke; Tong, Huanhuan; Veksha, Andrei

Poisoning effects of H2S and HCl on the naphthalene steam reforming and water-gas shift activities of Ni and Fe catalysts   [2019]

Dou, Xiaomin; Veksha, Andrei; Chan, Wei Ping; Oh, Wen-Da; Liang, Yen Nan; Teoh, Florence; Giannis, Apostolos; Lisak, Grzegorz; Lim, Teik-Thye; Dara Khairunnisa Binte Mohamed