Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management

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Incorporating socio-economic effects and uncertain rainfall in flood mitigation decision using MCDA   [2017]

Daksiya, Velautham; Su, Hsin Ting; Chang, Young Ho; Lo, Edmond Yat Man

Modeling and Real-Time Scheduling of DC Platform Supply Vessel for Fuel Efficient Operation   [2017]

Satpathi, Kuntal; Ukil, Abhisek; Murthy Balijepalli, Venkata Sita Krishna

Sociotechnical resilience : a preliminary concept   [2017]

Kant, Vivek; Sulfikar Amir

A preliminary laboratory study of motion of floating debris generated by solitary waves running up a beach   [2014]

Shen, Hung-Tao; Huang, Zhenhua; Yao, Yao; Lo, Edmond Yat Man

Analysis of spatial patterns of daily precipitation and wet spell extremes in Southeast Asia   [2017]

Mandapaka, Pradeep Venkata; Qin, Xiaosheng; Lo, Edmond Yat Man

Simulation-based catastrophe-induced port loss estimation   [2018]

Cao, Xinhu; Lam, Jasmine Siu Lee

Assessing urban growth dynamics of major Southeast Asian cities using night-time light data   [2017]

Kamarajugedda, Shankar Acharya; Mandapaka, Pradeep Venkata; Lo, Edmond Yat Man

An analysis of the issuance of volcanic alert levels during volcanic crises   [2014]

Winson, Annie Elizabeth Grace; Costa, Fidel; Newhall, Christopher G.; Woo, Gordon

Agricultural risk modeling challenges in China : probabilistic modeling of rice losses in Hunan province   [2015]

Stojanovski, Pane; Dong, Weimin; Wang, Ming; Ye, Tao; Li, Shuangcai; Mortgat, Christian P.

Modeling a simulation for sociotechnical resilience   [2019]

Tantri, Fredy; Amir, Sulfikar