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Self-organized ZnO nanodot arrays : effective control using SiNx interlayers and low-temperature plasmas   [2012]

Huang, S. Y.; Cheng, Q. J.; Xu, S.; Wei, D. Y.; Zhou, H. P.; Long, J. D.; Levchenko, I.; Ostrikov, K.

A feasible strategy to balance the crystallinity and specific surface area of metal oxide nanocrystals   [2017]

Xu, Shuyan; Xiong, G.; Zhang, Q. P.; Xu, X. N.; Liu, Y. T.; Xu, M.; Deng, S. H.; Chen, Y.; Yuan, H.; Yu, F.; Huang, Y.; Zhao, K.

Superfluid qubit systems with ring shaped optical lattices   [2014]

Auksztol, Filip; Crepaz, Herbert; Amico, Luigi; Aghamalyan, Davit; Dumke, Rainer; Kwek, Leong Chuan

Pseudo-topotactic conversion of carbon nanotubes to T-carbon nanowires under picosecond laser irradiation in methanol   [2017]

Zhang, Jinying; Wang, Rui; Zhu, Xi; Pan, Aifei; Han, Chenxiao; Li, Xin; Dan Zhao; Ma, Chuansheng; Wang, Wenjun; Su, Haibin; Niu, Chunming

Anisotropic Rabi model   [2014]

Xie, Qiong-Tao; Cui, Shuai; Cao, Jun-Peng; Amico, Luigi; Fan, Heng

Entanglement witness via symmetric two-body correlations   [2016]

Tan, Ernest Y.-Z.; Kaszlikowski, Dagomir; Kwek, Leong Chuan

Synchronization of a self-sustained cold-atom oscillator   [2018]

Kwek, Leong Chuan; Heimonen, H.; Kaiser, R.; Labeyrie, G.

Population mixing due to dipole-dipole interactions in a one-dimensional array of multilevel atoms   [2018]

Munro, E.; Asenjo-Garcia, A.; Lin, Y.; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Regal, C. A.; Chang, D. E.

Separability criteria with angular and Hilbert space averages   [2016]

Fujikawa, Kazuo; Oh, Choo Hiap; Umetsu, Koichiro; Yu, Sixia

Multiple scattering of light in cold atomic clouds in a magnetic field   [2013]

Sigwarth, Olivier; Labeyrie, Guillaume; Delande, Dominique; Miniatura, Christian

The size of the weak bosons   [2012]

Fritzsch, Harald.

Vector-boson-induced neutrino mass   [2012]

Ma, Ernest; Wudka, Jose

Gravitation and quadratic forms   [2017]

Ananth, Sudarshan; Brink, Lars; Majumdar, Sucheta; Mali, Mahendra; Shah, Nabha

QCD flux tubes and anomaly inflow   [2013]

Xiong, Chi.

Microwave transmission through an artificial atomic chain coupled to a superconducting photonic crystal   [2019]

Song, Guo-Zhu; Kwek, Leong-Chuan; Deng, Fu-Guo; Long, Gui-Lu

Scaling of geometric phase versus band structure in cluster-Ising models   [2017]

Nie, Wei; Mei, Feng; Amico, Luigi; Kwek, Leong Chuan

Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic Bose-Einstein condensates   [2019]

Haug, Tobias; Heimonen, Hermanni; Dumke, Rainer; Kwek, Leong-Chuan; Amico, Luigi