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Conversational agent for healthy lifestyle behavior change: web-based feasibility study   [2021]

Dhinagaran, Dhakshenya Ardhithy; Sathish, Thirunavukkarasu; Soong, AiJia; Theng, Yin-Leng; Best, James; Car, Lorainne Tudor

The role of text messaging and telehealth messaging apps   [2020]

Ganapathy, Sashikumar; de Korne, Dirk F.; Ng, Kee Chong; Car, Josip

The missed opportunity of patient-centered medical homes to thrive in an Asian context   [2021]

Surendran, Shilpa; Foo, Chuan De; Tam, Chen Hee; Ho, Elaine Qiao Ying; Matchar, David Bruce; Car, Josip; Koh, Gerald Choon Huat

Primary care networks and Starfield’s 4Cs : a case for enhanced chronic disease management   [2021]

Foo, Chuan De; Surendran, Shilpa; Jimenez, Geronimo; Ansah, John Pastor; Matchar, David Bruce; Koh, Gerald Choon Huat

Outcomes, measurement instruments, and their validity evidence in randomized controlled trials on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in undergraduate medical education: systematic mapping review   [2022]

Car, Lorainne Tudor; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Teo, Andrew; Fox, Tatiana Erlikh; Vimalesvaran, Sunitha; Apfelbacher, Christian; Kemp, Sandra; Chavannes, Niels

Associations between attainment of incentivised primary care indicators and incident diabetic retinopathy in England : a population-based historical cohort study   [2021]

McKay, Ailsa J.; Gunn, Laura H.; Sathish, Thirunavukkarasu; Vamos, Eszter; Nugawela, Manjula; Majeed, Azeem; Molina, German; Sivaprasad, Sobha

Education on depression in mental health apps: systematic assessment of characteristics and adherence to evidence-based guidelines   [2022]

Martinengo, Laura; Stona, Anne-Claire; Car, Lorainne Tudor; Lee, Jimmy; Griva, Konstadina; Car, Josip

White- and blue- collar workers' responses towards underground workspaces   [2020]

Su, Ying; Roberts, Adam Charles; Yap, Hui Shan; Car, Josip; Kwok, Kian Woon; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, George I.

Perceived facilitators and barriers to chronic disease management in primary care networks of Singapore : a qualitative study   [2021]

Foo, Chuan De; Surendran, Shilpa; Tam, Chen Hee; Ho, Elaine; Matchar, David Bruce; Car, Josip; Koh, Gerald Choon Huat

Effect of PreAnaesThesia Computerized Health (PATCH) assessment on duration of nurse-patient consultation and patient experience : a pilot trial   [2020]

Osman, Tarig; Lew, Eileen; Lum, Elaine; Chew, Jennifer; Dabas, Rajive; Sng, Ban Leong; Car, Josip

Associations between health-related quality of life and health care costs among children with atopic dermatitis and their caregivers: a cross-sectional study   [2020]

Olsson, Maja; Bajpai, Ram; Yew, Yik Weng; Koh, Mark Jean Aan; Thng, Steven; Car, Josip; Järbrink, Krister

The role of health technologies in multicomponent primary care interventions : systematic review   [2021]

Jimenez, Geronimo; Matchar, David; Koh, Gerald Choon Huat; van der Kleij, Rianne; Chavannes, Niels H.; Car, Josip

“I decide myself” - a qualitative exploration of end of life decision making processes of patients and caregivers through Advance Care Planning   [2021]

Lall, Priya; Dutta, Oindrila; Tan, Woan Shin; Patinadan, Paul Victor; Kang, Natalie Q. Y.; Low, Chan Kee; Car, Josip; Ho, Andy Hau Yan

Appropriateness of action prompts for hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes self-management apps   [2019]

Lum, Elaine; Jimenez, Geronimo; Huang, Zhilian; Thai, Linh; Car, Josip

Public perceptions of diabetes, healthy living, and conversational agents in Singapore: needs assessment   [2021]

Dhinagaran, Dhakshenya Ardhithy; Sathish, Thirunavukkarasu; Kowatsch, Tobias; Griva, Konstadina; Best, James; Car, Lorainne Tudor

Concordance between physician-rated and caregiver-perceived disease severity in children with atopic dermatitis : a cross-sectional study   [2020]

Xu, Xiaomeng; Olsson, Maja; Bajpai, Ram; Aan, Mark Koh Jean; Yew, Yik Weng; Wong, Sharon; Foong, Alice; Thng, Steven; Järbrink, Krister; Car, Josip