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Making waves : wastewater surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 for population-based health management   [2020]

Thompson, Janelle R. ; Nancharaiah, Yarlagadda V.; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Lee, Wei Lin; Rajal, Verónica Beatriz; Haines, Monamie Bhadra; Girones, Rosina; Ng, Lee Ching; Alm, Eric J.; Wuertz, Stefan

3D printing of a thermo- and solvatochromic composite material based on a Cu(II)–thymine coordination polymer with moisture sensing capabilities   [2019]

Maldonado, Noelia; Vegas, Verónica G.; Halevi, Oded; Martínez, Jose Ignacio; Lee, Pooi See; Magdassi, Shlomo; Wharmby, Michael T.; Platero-Prats, Ana E.; Moreno, Consuelo; Zamora, Félix; Amo-Ochoa, Pilar

Silver and potassium incorporation in double-layer solution-processed Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cell   [2020]

Ibrahim, Ahmad; Guchhait, Asim; Hadke, Shreyash; Seng, Hwee Leng; Wong, Lydia Helena

Ultrafast, high-strain, and strong uniaxial hydrogel actuators from recyclable nanofibril networks   [2023]

Benselfelt, Tobias; Rothemund, Philipp; Lee, Pooi See

Wetting-regulated gas-involving (photo)electrocatalysis: biomimetics in energy conversion   [2021]

Liu, Guanyu; Wong, William S. Y.; Kraft, Markus; Ager, Joel W.; Vollmer, Doris; Xu, Rong

A flexible microwave shield with tunable frequency-transmission and electromagnetic compatibility   [2019]

Lv, Hualiang; Yang, Zhihong; Ong, Samuel Jun Hoong; Wei, Chao; Liao, Hanbin; Xi, Shibo; Du, Yonghua; Ji, Guangbin; Xu, Jason Zhichuan