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Correlation between GNSS-TEC and eruption magnitude supports the use of ionospheric sensing to complement volcanic hazard assessment   [2021]

Manta, Fabio; Occhipinti, Giovanni; Hill, Emma M.; Perttu, Anna; Assink, Jelle; Taisne, Benoit

Diverse slip behavior of the Banyak Islands subsegment of the Sunda megathrust in Sumatra, Indonesia   [2020]

Morgan, Paul M.; Feng, Lujia; Meltzner, Aron J.; Mallick, Rishav; Hill, Emma M.

GNSS characterization of hydrological loading in South and Southeast Asia   [2020]

Materna, Kathryn; Feng, Lujia; Lindsey, Eric O.; Hill, Emma M.; Ahsan, Aktarul; Khorshed Alam, A. K. M.; Kyaw, Moe Oo; Than, Oo; Aung, Thura; Ngwe Khaing, Saw; Bürgmann, Roland

Rapid identification of tsunamigenic earthquakes using GNSS ionospheric sounding   [2020]

Manta, Fabio; Occhipinti, Giovanni; Feng, Lujia; Hill, Emma M.