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Encoding data into metal alloys using laser powder bed fusion   [2022]

Sofinowski, Karl; Wittwer, Mallory; Seita, Matteo

Experimental analysis of powder layer quality as a function of feedstock and recoating strategies   [2021]

Le, Tan-Phuc; Wang, Xiaogang; Davidson, Karl Peter; Fronda, Jude Emil; Seita, Matteo

Recrystallization-based grain boundary engineering of 316L stainless steel produced via selective laser melting   [2020]

Gao, Shubo; Hu, Zhiheng; Duchamp, Martial; Krishnan, P. S. Sankara Rama; Tekumalla, Sravya; Song, Xu; Seita, Matteo

The role of the solidification structure on orientation-dependent hardness in stainless steel 316L produced by laser powder bed fusion   [2022]

Tekumalla, Sravya; Selvarajou, Balaji; Raman, Sudharshan; Gao, Shubo; Seita, Matteo