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Nature-based solutions for flood risk reduction : a probabilistic modeling framework   [2021]

Lallemant, David; Hamel, Perrine; Balbi, Mariano; Lim, Tian Ning; Schmitt, Rafael; Win, Shelly

Shedding light on avoided disasters: measuring the invisible benefits of disaster risk management using probabilistic counterfactual analysis   [2022]

Rabonza, Maricar ; Lallemant, David; Lin, Yolanda C.; Tadepalli, Sanjana; Wagenaar, Dennis; Nguyen, Michele; Choong, Jeanette; Liu, Celine Jia Ni; Sarica, Gizem Mestav; Widawati, Bernadeti Ausie Miranda; Balbi, Mariano; Khan, Feroz; Loos, Sabine; Lim, Tian Ning

Toward a critical technical practice in disaster risk management: lessons from designing collaboration initiatives   [2022]

Lallemant, David; Bicksler, Rebecca; Barns, Karen; Hamel, Perrine; Soden, Robert; Bannister, Steph

Towards regional scale stormwater flood management strategies through rapid preliminary intervention screening   [2021]

Webber, James L.; Balbi, Mariano; Lallemant, David; Gibson, Michael J.; Fu, Guangtao; Butler, David; Hamel, Perrine