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A bottom-up coarse-grained model for nucleosome–nucleosome interactions with explicit ions   [2022]

Sun, Tiedong; Minhas, Vishal; Mirzoev, Alexander; Korolev, Nikolay; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.; Nordenskiöld, Lars

Formin nanoclustering-mediated actin assembly during plant flagellin and DSF signaling   [2021]

Ma, Zhiming; Liu, Xiaolin; Nath, Sangeeta; Sun, He; Tran, Tuan Minh; Yang, Liang; Mayor, Satyajit; Miao, Yansong

A teamwork promotion of formin-mediated actin nucleation by Bud6 and Aip5 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae   [2022]

Xie, Ying; Zhou, Feng; Ma, Qianqian; Lu, Lanyuan; Miao, Yansong