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Actuation and locomotion driven by moisture in paper made with natural pollen   [2020]

Zhao, Ze; Hwang, Youngkyu; Yang, Yun; Fan, Tengfei; Song, Juha; Suresh, Subra; Cho, Nam-Joon

Elucidating how different amphipathic stabilizers affect BSA protein conformational properties and adsorption behavior   [2020]

Ma, Gamaliel Junren; Ferhan, Abdul Rahim; Jackman, Joshua A.; Cho, Nam-Joon

Recyclable and reusable natural plant-based paper for repeated digital printing and unprinting   [2022]

Zhao, Ze; Deng, Jingyu; Tae, Hyunhyuk; Mohammed Shahrudin Ibrahim; Suresh, Subra; Cho, Nam-Joon