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Beyond the TPP+ "gold standard": a new generation mitochondrial delivery vector based on extended PN frameworks   [2023]

Ong, How Chee; Coimbra, João T. S.; Ramos, Maria J.; Xing, Bengang; Fernandes, Pedro A.; García, Felipe

Photocatalytic deconstructive aliphatic carbon–carbon bond cleavage and functionalization of unactivated alcohols   [2023]

Thanetchaiyakup, Adisak; Chin, Kek Foo; Ðokić, Miloš; Tan, Philip Mark Leetiong; Lin, Desmond Junjie; Mathiew, Mitch; Zhao, Xin; Heng, Jerry Zhi Xiong; Toh, Daryle Jun Xiong; Liu, Xue-Wei; Ramalingam, Balamurugan; Soo, Han Sen

Protocol for photocatalytic upcycling of non-biodegradable plastics into platform chemicals at ambient conditions   [2024]

Kong, Xin Ying; Li, Chenfei; Choo, Shao Rong; Lyu, Maoping; Soo, Han Sen

Recent advances in defect-engineered transition metal dichalcogenides for enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution: perfecting imperfections   [2023]

Tan, Zheng Hao; Kong, Xin Ying; Ng, Boon-Junn; Soo, Han Sen; Abdul Rahman Mohamed; Chai, Siang-Piao

Understanding the visible-light-initiated manganese-catalyzed synthesis of quinolines and naphthyridines under ambient and aerobic conditions   [2022]

Patra, Kamaless; Bhattacherya, Arindom; Li, Chenfei; Bera, Jitendra K.; Soo, Han Sen