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RG28/18 (S)


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Cycle-consistent inverse GAN for text-to-image synthesis   [2021]

Wang, Hao; Lin, Guosheng ; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Miao, Chunyan

Decomposing generation networks with structure prediction for recipe generation   [2022]

Wang, Hao; Lin, Guosheng; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Miao, Chunyan

Graph edit distance reward : learning to edit scene graph   [2020]

Chen, Lichang; Lin, Guosheng; Wang, Shijie; Wu, Qingyao

Online active proposal set generation for weakly supervised object detection   [2022]

Jin, Ruibing; Lin, Guosheng; Wen, Changyun

TRRNet : tiered relation reasoning for compositional visual question answering   [2020]

Yang, Xiaofeng; Lin, Guosheng; Lv, Fengmao; Liu, Fayao