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Cell alignment modulated by surface nano-topography - roles of cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions   [2022]

Coyle, Stephen; Doss, Bryant; Huo, Yucheng; Singh, Hemang Raj; Quinn, David; Hsia, K. Jimmy; LeDuc, Philip R.

Geometry-mediated bridging drives nonadhesive stripe wound healing   [2023]

Xu, Hongmei; Huo, Yucheng; Zhou, Quan; Wang, Abraham Lianghao; Cai, Pingqiang; Doss, Bryant; Huang, Changjin; Hsia, K. Jimmy

Physical forces guide curvature sensing and cell migration mode bifurcating   [2023]

Feng, Luyi; Zhao, Tiankai; Xu, Hongmei; Shi, Xuechen; Li, Changhao; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Zhang, Sulin