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A hand-targeted auxiliary personal protective equipment for intervention of fomite transmission of viruses   [2023]

Tan, Justin Kok Soon; Song, Shang Wei; Zeng, Jialiu; Lo, Chih Hung

Restoration of lysosomal acidification rescues autophagy and metabolic dysfunction in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease   [2023]

Zeng, Jialiu ; Acin-Perez, Rebeca; Assali, Essam A.; Martin, Andrew; Brownstein, Alexandra J.; Petcherski, Anton; Fernández-del-Rio, Lucía; Xiao, Ruiqing; Lo, Chih Hung; Shum, Michaël; Liesa, Marc; Han, Xue; Shirihai, Orian S.; Grinstaff, Mark W.