Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Sze Chun Chau
Director, Experiential & Collaborative Learning
Principal Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences
Assistant Chair (Undergraduate Education), School of Biological Sciences (SBS)
Dr Sze Chun Chau has been with the School of Biological Science since 2003. She started her research career in the field of bacterial gene regulation and communication. Specifically, the complexity of gene regulatory circuits and inter-species communication are being investigated using biofilms, i.e. surface-associated and structured bacterial communities, as model systems. This has brought her through sub-themes such as intestinal microbiota, Legionella pneumophila in interaction with its amoebic host. microorganisms in environmental engineering systems, bacteriology-engineering interface such as anti-bacterial nanomaterial and microfluidic PCR systems. In recent years, she has shifted her research interest to pedagogy and the science of learning, in the context of residential education and experiential learning. She has published more than 40 international conference and journal papers.

Dr Sze Chun Chau has been involved in teaching courses such as Introductory Biology, Microbiology and Immunology /Current Topics in Immunology for the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences programme, as well as General Education Requirement (GER) courses such as Science or Fiction? -Biology in Popular Media and the residential education-based Exploring the Science of Good Eating Experience for the general NTU student population.

As Director of Student Experiential Learning since 2016, she oversees the development of meaningful Experiential Learning programmes in NTU, including establishment of credit-bearing GER courses known as the Deeper Experiential Engagement Projects (DEEP) series. DEEP GER courses link co-curricular activities to disciplines of relevance through creative team-based projects.

Honours and Awards:
National Day Award 2018 - Commendation Medal
Nanyang Education Award (College) for 2017
Nanyang Award for Excellence In Teaching for 2011

Education Qualification:
PhD Umea University 2001
PhL Umea University 1998
BSc(Hons) National University of Singapore 1993
BSc National University of Singapore 1992
Dr Sze Chun Chau has been involved in research related to bacterial gene regulation, biofilm biology, microorganisms in environmental engineering systems, bacteriology-engineering interface and residential and experiential learning.
  • Fostering Empathy for Older Adults Among Young Singaporeans Using Virtual Reality: Employing Embodied Perspective Taking via Construal Level Theory
  • Pilot study to automatically tag graduate attributes to academic / co-curricular courses for AI-based course advising to students