Academic Profile

2003 – present
Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2002 – 2003 Research Scientist IV, Amgen Research, Amgen Inc., USA
2000 – 2002 Research Scientist III, Amgen Research, Amgen Inc., USA
1999 – 2000 Research Scientist II, Amgen Research, Amgen Inc., USA
1996 – 1999 Research Scientist I, Amgen Research, Amgen Inc., USA

1992 – 1996 Research Instructor, Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, USA
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, USA

1990 – 1992 Postdoctoral Associate, The Rockefeller University, USA

1989 – 1990 Research Associate, CNRS, Centre CNRS-INSERM de Pharmacologie-Endocrinologie, Montpellier, France

Member, NTU Teaching Council (appointed by the Provost)

(1) Member, Committee on Developing TCM in Singapore -The Subcommittee on Research (2004-05)
(2) Acting director, BMS/TCM Double Degree Program in SBS (2006 – 2008)
(3) Chairman, School Safety Committee (appointed by the Chair of the School) (12/2012-12/2014)
(4) Supervisor, Chemical Biology/Peptide Synthesis Core facility, SBS
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Assoc Prof Liu Chuan Fa
Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Drug discovery:

New strategies for peptide and protein drug development; peptide drug delivery; peptide and protein bioconjugates and antibody-drug conjugates as drug modalities; new peptide leads from phage display and natural sources.
Medicinal chemistry and structure-based drug design; peptidomimetics; combinatorial chemistry for drug lead discovery.
Development and use of peptide nucleic acid analogs as antisense and antigene agents.
Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies using LC-MS.

Peptide/protein chemistry and chemical biology:

Development of chemical/enzymatic peptide ligation methods and site-specific protein modification methods; use of protein chemical synthesis for the study of protein structure and functions; study of ubiquitin biology and structural biology using homogeneous chemically ubiquitinated proteins; study of chromatin structure and biology using semisynthetic histones carrying various PTMs.
  • A Novel One-Step, Site-Selective Platform for Precision Biomanufacturing of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

  • A pH-sensitive linker for intracellular drug delivery

  • A Simple and Scalable Synthesis of Homogenous N-Glycopeptide and N-Glycoprotein Drugs

  • Discovering New Target Space for the Development of Drugs Against Malaria Parasites

  • Discovering New Target Space for the Development of Drugs Against Malaria Parasites (Liu Chuan Fa)

  • Solid-State NMR Study Of Heterochromatin Maintenance By HP1 Protein At Telomeres
  • Yuan Cao, Giang K. T. Nguyen, Samuel Chuah, James P. Tam, and Chuan-Fa Liu. (2016). Butelase-mediated Ligation as an efficient bioconjugation method for the synthesis of peptide dendrimers. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 27(11), 2592–2596.

  • Giang KT NGUYEN, Yibo QIU, Yuan Cao, Xinya HEMU, Chuan-Fa Liu, James P. Tam. (2016). Butelase-mediated Cyclization and Ligation of Peptides and Proteins. Nature Protocols, 11, 1977-1988.

  • Kalyan Kumar Pasunooti, Renliang Yang, Biplab Banerjee, Terence Yap, Chuan-Fa Liu. (2016). 5-Methylisoxazole-3-carboxamide-Directed Palladium-Catalyzed γ-C (sp3)–H Acetoxylation and Application to the Synthesis of γ-Mercapto Amino Acids for Native Chemical Ligation. Organic Letters, 18(11), 2696–2699.

  • Bi XB, Pasunooti KK, Tareq AH, Takyi-Williams J and Liu CF. (2016). Genetic incorporation of 1,2-aminothiol functionality for site-specific protein modification via thiazolidine formation. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 14(23), 5282-5285.

  • Nikolay V. Berezhnoy, Ying Liu, Abdollah Allahverdi, Renliang Yang, Chun-Jen Su, Chuan-Fa Liu, Nikolay Korolev, Lars Nordenskiöld. (2016). The Influence of Ionic Environment and Histone Tails on Ordered Columnar Phases of Nucleosome Core Particles. Biophysical Journal, 110(8), 1720–1731.