Academic Profile

Aileen Ng (PhD, NUS) is a lecturer at the Language and Communication Centre of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. She teaches courses in Communication Skills and Academic English to undergraduate students.
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Dr Aileen Ng Cheng Cheng (No longer with NTU)
Lecturer, School of Humanities

Aileen Ng is interested in the area of Discourse Analysis and Computer Mediated Communication in English Language teaching and learning. She has researched on the use of Information and Communication Technology for teaching Communication Skills based on Socio-cultural Theory as well as analysed the discourse of pre-workplace texts such as job application letters and resumes. Her current research interests are in religious discourse and feedback in academic writing.
  • Ng, A.C.C and Chin, S.F. (2014, August). Using Facebook to Increase Student Engagement in Academic Activities. Paper presented at 17th World Congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA), Brisbane, Australia.

  • Ng A.C.C, Chan S.K, Chin S.F, Li S.Y, and Leong P.A. (2013). Resume writing in the real world—do business communication textbooks really give good advice?. Asian ESP Journal, 9(3), 73–97.

  • Ng, A.C.C, Chan, S.K, Chin, S.F. and Li, S.Y. (2011, June). Instruction vs. Application: Bridging the Gap. Paper presented at 3rd Global Advances in Business Communication Conference and Exhibition, Johor, Malaysia.

  • Ng, A.C.C, Chan, S.K, Chin, S.F. and Li, S.Y. (2010, May). Resume Writing in Textbooks: Empowering or Constraining?. Paper presented at International Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) Seminar 'Glocalisation of New Literaries', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Ng, A.C.C., Leong, A. Chan, S.K., Chin, S.F., and Li, S.Y. (2010, May). Revisiting the Genre Analysis Approach for Teaching Resume Writing. Paper presented at 3rd Centre for English Language (CELC) International Symposium ‘Global Perspectives, Local Initiatives: Reflections and Practices in ELT, Singapore.