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Dr Ritu Jain
Lecturer, School of Humanities
Ritu Jain is a lecturer in the Language and Communication Centre of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. An itinerant Indian, she has lived and worked in various parts of India and South/South East Asia before making Singapore home. She has taught a variety of courses in Linguistics, Area Studies, Academic Communication, and Humanities across various universities in Singapore and elsewhere. Some of the courses she has enjoyed teaching are listed below:

Academic Communication (NTU): Research Communication for Graduate Studies; Scientific Communication II; Engineering Communication II; Research Writing in Social Sciences; Introduction to Critical Thinking.
Area Studies (NUS): Framing Bollywood, Unpacking the Magic; Indian Communities in Southeast Asia; South Asia: People, Culture and Development.
English Language and Literature (University SIM): First Language Acquisition; Introduction to Language Systems; Introduction to the Humanities.
Communication and ESP (RELC): Military/Academic English; Pronunciation; Cultural Awareness.

Outside of work, Ritu is a passionate advocate of rare diseases and holds an honorary appointment as Rare Diseases Policy Advisor at the Skin Research Institute of Singapore, A*Star. She lobbies at an international level for the inclusion of rare diseases in global/national health policies as head of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Rare Diseases Organisations as well as DEBRA Singapore, a patient-support organisation for those with Epidermolysis Bullosa.
Ritu Jain is interested in aspects of Language Policy and Planning. Her specific focus has been on the impact of language policies on the maintenance of minority languages in immigrant settings. In her work, she has highlighted the negotiation of the language education policy among the transnational Indians in Singapore, and the impact of such processes on language education, individual and group identity, community social positions, and intra- and inter-ethnic community harmony.

Her current Tier 1 research project investigates the large scale shift to English among the Indians in Singapore. She is also editing a volume on the languages of Singapore for the Routledge series, Multilingual Asia.
  • Language Shift In Singapore's Indian Community
  • Stigma and discrimination as factors in late diagnosis and treatment presentation for people living with HIV