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Dr Ritu Jain
Assistant Chair (Careers and Attachment), School of Humanities
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities
Journal Articles
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Ritu Jain, Lionel Wee. (2019). Diversity management and the presumptive universality of categories: the case of the Indians in Singapore. Current Issues in Language Planning. , 20(1), 16-32.

Jain, R. & Wee, L. (2018). Cartographic mismatches and language policy: the case of Hindi in Singapore. Language Policy, 17(1), 99-118.

Ritu Jain. (2017). Migration and language education: Towards a typology of complementary schools. LCC Working Paper Series, (4), 27-37.

Shah, S., Jain, R.(2017). Gujarati in Singapore. In Corinne A. Seals, Sheena Shah(Ed), Heritage Language Policies around the World(199-217). Abingdon; New York: Routledge.

Ritu Jain & Lionel Wee.(2015). Multilingual Education in Singapore: Beyond Language Communities?. In Androula Yiakoumetti(Ed), Multilingualism and Language in Education: Sociolinguistic and Pedagogical Perspectives from Commonwealth Countries(67-85). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.