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Assoc Prof Ng Beng Koon
Associate Chair (Students), School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
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T. H. Chow, W. M. Lee, K. M. Tan, B. K. Ng, C. J. R. Sheppard. (2010). Resolving interparticle position and optical forces along the axial direction using optical coherence gating. Applied Physics Letters, 97(23), 231113.

C. Y. Fu, B. K. Ng, and S. Gulam Razul. (2009). Fluorescence lifetime discrimination using Expectation-Maximization algorithm with joint deconvolution. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 14(6), 064009.

J. C. Y. Kah, T. H. Chow, B. K. Ng, S. G. Razul, M. Olivo, C. J. R. Sheppard. (2009). Concentration dependence of gold nanoshells on the enhancement of optical coherence tomography images: a quantitative study. Applied Optics, 48(10), D96-D108.

T. H. Chow, K. M. Tan, B. K. Ng, S. G. Razul, C. M. Tay, T. F. Chia, W. T. Poh. (2009). Diagnosis of virus infection in orchid plants with high-resolution optical coherence tomography. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 14(1), art. no. 014006.