Academic Profile

I received my doctoral degree in sociology from the Johns Hopkins University in 2013 and worked at both the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the State University of New York at Binghamton. My research primarily focuses on China including labor migration, the hukou system, rural development, land issues, food security, urbanization and state-society relations. I have been trying to extend my research in two directions. One is to examine the historical roots of China’s contemporary development problems from a long-term perspective. My dissertation project compared post-reform rural change and 18th-century economy and society during the Qing dynasty. The other direction is to examine the global dimensions of China’s internal issues and bring out the relationship between its domestic dynamics and international strategy.
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Assoc Prof Zhan Shaohua
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences

Economic sociology; Global development; Historical sociology; Labor migration; and China studies
  • A New Food Regime?: Investigating the Impacts of China’s Rise on Food Security in Southeast Asia

  • Changing Expectations Of Old Age Support: Implications For Intergenerational Solidarity In Singapore And China

  • Internal Spatial Fix And Grain Production In China: National Policy, Local Processes And Global Implications
  • Shaohua Zhan. (2020). The Land Question in 21st Century China: Four Camps and Five Scenarios. New Left Review, 122, 115-133.

  • Shaohua Zhan; Rajiv Aricat; Min Zhou. (2020). New dynamics of multinational migration: Chinese and Indian migrants in Singapore and Los Angeles. Geographical Research, , DOI: 10.1111/1745-5871.12397.

  • Jihong Ye; Shaohua Zhan. (2019). The Involution of the Eldercare System for the Landless Elderly in China’s Developed Regions: A Case Study Based on Suzhou Municipality. Chinese Rural Economy, 35(12), 1-16.

  • Shaohua Zhan; Min Zhou. (2019). Precarious Talent: highly skilled Chinese and Indian immigrants in Singapore. Ethnic and Racial Studies, ,

  • Shaohua Zhan. (2019). Accumulation by and without dispossession: Rural land use, land expropriation, and livelihood implications in China. Journal of Agrarian Change, 19(3), 447-464.