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Assoc Prof Zhan Shaohua
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
I received my doctoral degree in sociology from the Johns Hopkins University in 2013. My research interests include international migration, land politics, food security, social policy, comparative historical research, with a focus on China, Singapore, and other Asian nations. My book The Land Question in China: Agrarian Capitalism, Industrious Revolution, and East Asian Development investigates the transition to agrarian capitalism in China, whilst analysing the labour-intensive industrious revolution as an alternative rural development path. My work has been published in World Development, The Journal of Peasant Studies, Journal of Agrarian Change, Ethnic and Racial Studies, The China Quarterly, The China Journal, among others. I am currently working on two research projects. One compares Chinese and Indian Immigrants in Singapore, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, and the other examines food security in China and its global implications. I teach economic sociology, migration and development, social policy, China, and social statistics.
Economic sociology; Global development; Historical sociology; Labor migration; and China studies
  • A New Food Regime?: Investigating the Impacts of China’s Rise on Food Security in Southeast Asia
  • Investigating China’s Grain Storage System
  • Investigating the underlying drivers of Singapore’s loss and gains in urban green spaces from 1990-2020