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Assoc Prof Ho Hau Yan Andy
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (Courtesy Appointment)
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Ho, A. H. Y., Dutta, O., Tan-Ho, G., Choo, P. Y., Low, X. C., Chong, P. H., Ng, C., & Ganapathy, S. (2019). Thematic analysis of spousal interaction patterns among Asian parents of children with chronic life-threatening illness. BMJ Open, 9.

Choo, P. Y., Tan-Ho, G., Dutta, O., Patinadan, P. V., & Ho, A. H. Y. (2019). Reciprocal Dynamics of Dignity in End-of-Life Care: A Multiperspective Systematic Review of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, .

Choo, P. Y., Tan-Ho, G., Low, X. C., Patinadan, P. V., & Ho, A. H. Y. (2020). “Living Day by Day” in the Asian Context: Mindful Living and Mindful Dying among Older Terminally-ill Patients. Association for Death Education and Counseling Conference.

Dutta,O., Tan-Ho, G., Choo, P. Y., Low, X. C., Chong, P.H., Ng, C., Ganapathy, S., & Ho, A. H. Y. (2020). Trauma to Transformation: The Lived Experience of Bereaved Parents of Children with Chronic Life-Threatening Illnesses in Singapore. BMC Palliative Care, .

Patinadan, P. V., Tan-Ho, G., Choo, P. Y., & Ho, A. H. Y. (2020). Resolving anticipatory grief and enhancing dignity at the end-of-life: A systematic review of palliative intervention. Death Studies , .