Academic Profile

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Dr Ho Shen Yong
Executive Director
Principal Lecturer, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Physics & Applied Physics

Physics Education, Quantum Physics
  • Computer Simulation Studies of Physical Interaction of Viruses with Environment to Devise Strategies to reduce the Basic Reproductive Number R_o

  • Energy Efficient Transport and Station/Area-KeepingSolutions

  • Provost's Chair in Physics (Ho Shen Yong)

  • Study on Ways to Enhance Teaching and Learning in NTU
  • SY Ho, SK Foong, CH Lim, CC Lim, K Lin, L Kuppan. (2009). Projectile motion on an inclined misty surface: I. Capturing and analysing the trajectory. Physics Education, 44(3), 253.

  • G Rosensteel, DJ Rowe, SY Ho. (2008). Equations of motion for a spectrum-generating algebra: Lipkin–Meshkov–Glick model. Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical, 41(2), 025208.

  • SY Ho, G Rosensteel, DJ Rowe. (2007). Equations-of-motion approach to quantum mechanics: Application to a model phase transition. Physical Review Letters, 98(8), 080401.