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Assoc Prof Andres Carlos Luco
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
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Julian de Freitas, George E. Newman, Hagop Sarkissian, Igor Grossmann, Felipe De Brigard, Andres Luco, and Joshua Knobe. (2017). Consistent Belief in a Good True Self in Misanthropes and Three Interdependent Cultures. Cognitive Science: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 42, 134-160.

Luco, Andres Carlos. (2016). Morality or "False Consciousness"? How Moral Naturalists Can Answer Thrasymachus's Challenge. Journal of Philosophical Research, 41, 371-400.

Luco, Andres Carlos. (2016). Non-negotiable: Why moral naturalism cannot do away with categorical reasons. Philosophical Studies: An International Journal for Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition, 173(9), 2511-2528.

Luco, Andres Carlos. (2014). The Definition of Morality: Threading the Needle. Social Theory and Practice: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Philosophy, 40(3).
Book Chapters
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Luco, Andres Carlos.(2017). Practical Wisdom: A Virtue for Resolving Conflicts Among Practical Wisdom. Virtue’s Reasons: New Essays on Virtue, Character, and Reasons(147-167). New York: Routledge.
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