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Asst Prof Wong Liang Jie
Nanyang Assistant Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
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Dr. Liang Jie Wong received his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2008 at UC Berkeley, where he was Regents' and Chancellor's Scholar and National Science Scholar (A*STAR). In 2009, he embarked on his postgraduate studies at MIT, earning his MS in 2011 and his PhD in 2013 -- both in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science -- on the topics of computational electromagnetism and ultrafast laser-electron interactions. He then spent a year as postdoctoral fellow in MIT's Mathematics Department, working on light-matter interaction theory in the context of electron pulse manipulation.

In 2014, he joined the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology as Scientist and Principal Investigator in the X-ray Photonics Programme, where he developed new nanophotonics concepts for compact, high-brightness X-ray generation. In 2019, he joined Nanyang Technological University as Nanyang Assistant Professor, and continues to pursue exciting research at the frontiers of nanophotonics, X-ray photonics and electron waveshaping.
- Nanophotonics
- X-ray photonics
- Quantum optics
- Free electron waveshaping
- Quantum materials
- Ultrafast optics
- Nonlinear optics
  • Compact, Tunable X-ray Source for Enhanced Imaging
  • Enabling Nanophotonic X-ray Free Electron Lasers Based on Novel Electronpolariton Physics
  • Nanophotonic X-ray Free Electron Lasers and Novel Electron-Polariton Physics
  • X-ray quantum optics in free-electron-driven van der Waals materials
2019 - MOE Inauguration Grant START Award
2019 - Nanyang Assistant Professorship
2017 - A*STAR TALENT Award
2016 - Best Research Achievement (SIMTech)
2009 - National Science Scholarship (Ph.D. and Postdoctoral)
2008 - The Arthur M. Hopkin Award (UC Berkeley Departmental award)
2007 - EECS Honors Degree Program (UC Berkeley)
2008 - A*STAR Roll of Honour
2005 - Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship (UC Berkeley)
2005 - National Science Scholarship (BSc)
2005 - Edward Frank Kraft Award (UC Berkeley)