Academic Profile

Dr Vassend joined the School on 17 July 2017 as Assistant Professor after receiving his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the spring of 2017. His research interests lie in Philosophy of Science and Epistemology, and he is particularly interested in formal approaches within both these fields.
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Asst Prof Olav Benjamin Vassend
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Philosophy of science
Decision theory
Foundations of statistics
  • The Philosophical Foundation of Bayesian Inference
  • Olav Benjamin Vassend. (2019, June). Justifying the Norms of Inductive Inference. Paper presented at Formal Epistemology Workshop.

  • Vassend, Olav Benjamin. (2018). New Semantics for Bayesian Inference: The Interpretive Problem and Its Solutions. Philosophy of Science, Forthcoming.

  • Olav Benjamin Vassend. (2018, November). Trusting the Predictions of a Hypothesis vs Believing that the Hypothesis is True. Paper presented at Inaugural Meeting of the Department of Philosophy of Science, Fudan University.

  • Vassend, Olav Benjamin. (2018). Comment: The Inferential Information Criterion from a Bayesian Point of View. Sociological Methodology, 48(1), 91-97.

  • Vassend, Olav Benjamin. (2018). A Verisimilitude Framework for Inductive Inference, with an Application to Phylogenetics. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Forthcoming.