Academic Profile

Dr. Detenber has been a faculty member in the School of Communication and Information since 1998. Prior to joining the School, Dr. Detenber taught at the University of Delaware and Stanford University. He has many years of experience in video production and non-commercial radio, but now teaches primarily communication theory and research classes. He has broad research interests, and has conducted studies on the psychological and emotional impact of media presentations, public opinion, processes and outcomes associated with social cognition and communication, political communication, and computer-mediated communication. His research has appeared in many of the top journals in the field of communication, for which he also serves as a reviewer. Currently, he is Associate Editor of the Asian Journal of Communication and Head of the Communication Research Division. In addition to university work, Dr. Detenber has consulted with high tech companies, taught communication skills to school teachers, and given numerous presentations to educators and media professionals.
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Assoc Prof Benjamin Hill Detenber
Associate Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

Dr. Detenber's research interests include the following:

Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Media
Use and Impact of Information and Communication Technologies
Internet Studies
Computer-mediated Communication
Media and Public Opinion
Political Communication
Quantitative Research Methods
  • Using public opinion to reach common ground on a contentious social issue: Attitudes toward lesbians and gays in Singapore 2005-2020
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  • Benjamin H Detenber, Shirley S Ho, Rachel L Neo, Shelly Malik, Mark Cenite. (2013). Influence of value predispositions, interpersonal contact, and mediated exposure on public attitudes toward homosexuals in Singapore. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 16(3), 181-196.

  • Cenite, M., Detenber, B.H., Koh, W.K.A., Lim, L.H.A., & Ng, E.S. (2009). Doing the right thing online: A survey of bloggers’ ethical beliefs and practices. New Media & Society, 11(4), 575-597.

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