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Assoc Prof Tsui-Auch, Lai Si
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Strategy, International Business & Entrepreneurship
Journal Articles
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Tsui-Auch, L.S., Huang, D.D., Yang J.J. & S.Z. Koh. (Forthcoming). Double Trouble: Containing Public Disapproval Arising from an Interplay of Stigmatized Categories. Journal of Management Studies. Online first,

Yang, J.J.*, Tsui-Auch, L.S.*, & Wang, X. (Forthcoming). De-hybridization in the face of the party-state: A longitudinal case study of a Chinese SOE’s corporate governance responses to institutional change. Journal of Business Ethics. *Equal Contributions

Chow, D. & Tsui-Auch, L.S. 2020. Hybrid Strategies to Cope with Commodification Pressure. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 37, pp.763–793.

Tsui-Auch, L.S. & Chow, D. 2019. MNE Agency within Institutional Contexts. Journal of International Management. 25/2, 1-16.

Liu, X.X.*, Tsui-Auch, Lai Si *, Yang, J.J, Wang, X., Chen, A. & Wang, K. 2019. The Color of Faults Depends on the Lens: MNCs’ Legitimacy Repair in Response to Framing by Local Governments in China. Management and Organization Review, 15/2, pp. 429-458. *Equal Contributions