Academic Profile

Darren obtained his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of New South Wales, Australia. He has research interests in the field of membrane water and wastewater treatment, water reclamation and heavy metals stabilization, particularly in applying physical and chemical principles for fundamental research. Recently he is heavily engaged in the study of novel membrane technologies for water and energy production including hybrid membrane bioreactor, membrane coagulation system and TiO2 based nano-structured/fiber/tube membrane. Externally, Darren holds visiting Professorship at Shandong University, PR China. He is a Chair for International Water Associate (IWA) Specialist Group on Chemical Industries and Associate Editor for Water Science and Technology.
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Assoc Prof Sun Delai, Darren
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

- TiO2 nanofibe/tube membrane for water and energy (H2 and solar cell) production
- Membrane fouling mechanism, control and prevention
- Multifunctional membrane module design
- Membrane bioreactor design
- Composite membranes and membrane modules for environmental applications
- Biofilms grown on liquid-permeable membranes
- Reutilization of waste into value-added product.
  • Water Graduate Scholarship Or NGS (Water) - Tio Wee-Graphene Based Multifunctional Composite Nanofiltration Membrane For Water Treatment
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