Academic Profile

Dr Liu Yu is a full Professor of Environmental Engineering in the School of CEE. He received his Master and Ph.D. degrees from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées-Toulouse, France. His research primarily focuses on novel and innovative technologies for municipal wastewater reclamation and biosolid management with specific interests in energy/resource recovery, energy and carbon neutrality which are strongly aligned with the national goals for urban and water sustainability. He was awarded The Singapore National Technology Award in 2003, The Singapore Minister for National Development R&D Merit Award in 2013 and The Singapore Public Administration Medal (Bronze) in 2014. So far, he has published more than 300 SCI-tracked journal papers and 8 books published by Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons, IWA Publishing etc.
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Prof Liu Yu
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

• Novel biological processes for municipal wastewater reclamation with the
focus on water-energy resource-greenhouse gas nexus
• Energy and carbon neutrality in municipal wastewater treatment
• Mainstream anaerobic ammonia oxidation process
• Integrated aerobic/anaerobic membrane bioreactors and RO for production
of high-grade water from municipal wastewater
• Fermentation and anaerobic digestion of biosolids towards zero solid
• Circular economy to enable water sustainability
  • Demonstration Of Integrated Used Water Reclamation Processes Towards Enhanced Energy Recovery And Minimised Sludge Production

  • Pilot Demonstration Of Ultrafast Conversion Of Food Waste To Biofertiliser With Zero Solid Discharge

  • School Research Funding Support to Associate Chairs, Assistant Chairs and Prog Directors
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  • Bin Ji, Meng Zhang, Jun Gu, Yingqun Ma, Yu Liu (2020). A self-sustaining synergetic microalgal-bacterial granular sludge process towards energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable municipal wastewater treatment. Water Research 179, 115884.

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