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Prof Liu Yu
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Xiaoyuan Zhang, Yu Liu (2021). Circular economy driven ammonium recovery from municipal wastewater: State of the art, challenge and solution forward. Bioresource Technology 334, 125231

Xiaoyuan Zhang, Yu Liu. (2021). Reverse osmosis concentrate: an essential link for closing loop of municipal wastewater reclamation towards urban sustainability. Chemical Engineering Journal, 127773.

Bin Ji, Meng Zhang, Jun Gu, Yingqun Ma, Yu Liu (2020). A self-sustaining synergetic microalgal-bacterial granular sludge process towards energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable municipal wastewater treatment. Water Research 179, 115884.

Yingqun Ma, Yu Liu. (2019). Turning food waste to energy and resources towards a great environmental and economic sustainability: An innovative integrated biological approach. Biotechnology Advances 37, 107414.

Yu Liu, Jun Gu, Meng Zhang (2019). A-B Processes: Towards Energy Self-sufficient Municipal Wastewater Treatment. IWA Publishing.