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Assoc Prof Sunil C. Joshi
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
India Connect Program Lead, The India Connect @NTU (IC@N)
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Joshi S.C., S.K. Bhudolia. (2014). Microwave–thermal technique for energy and time efficient curing of carbon fiber reinforced polymer prepreg composites. Journal of Composite Materials, 48, 3035-3048.

Joshi, S.C., Chen, X. (2011). Time-Variant Simulation of Multi-Material Thermal Pultrusion. Applied Composite Materials, in press(in press), 1-14.

Ali M., Joshi S.C.,. (2011). Impact Damage Resistance of CFRP Prepreg Laminates with Dispersed CSP Particles into Ply Interfaces. International Journal of Damage Mechanics, online(before print).

Joshi Sunil C., Dikshit V. (2011). Enhancing Interlaminar Fracture Characteristics of Woven CFRP prepreg Composites through CNT dispersion. Journal of Composite Materials, 46, 665-675.

Jin Zhanli, Sunil Chandrakant Joshi, Nesamani Gilbert Justin Jose, Chan Poh Keong, Ying Teck Mun, Paul, Goh Cher Hiang. (2010). Data Analysis and Correlation for Thermal Balance Test on a Micro-Satellite Model. Heat Transfer Engineering, 31(3), 222-233.