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Assoc Prof Sameer Alam
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Sameer Alam is an Associate Professor at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He is the Deputy Director of Air Traffic Management Research Institute leading research on AI & Data Analytics applied to Air Transportation. He is also the Co-Director of Saab-NTU Joint Lab leading research on Machine Learning for Digital and Remote Tower. He is leading a research team of 20 scientist and 6 PhD students to create the next generation of AI-Human Hybrid ATM system. 

Sameer obtained PhD in Computer Sc. (2008) specializing in Artificial Intelligence from University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia and Master's. in Computer Sc. (1999) from BIT, Mesra, India. His post-doctoral research, on developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms for future air traffic concept evaluation, was sponsored by EUROCONTROL (2009-2010) and Air Services Australia (2010-2011). 

In 2011, Sameer was appointed University Lecturer at UNSW, Canberra in Australia and was promoted to University Senior Lecturer in 2015. He has also been a visiting scientist at NASA Ames, California (2011, hosted by Dr Banavar Sridhar) and at École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (French Civil Aviation University) in Toulouse (2016-2017, hosted by Prof Daniel Delahaye). He has also worked with Civil Aviation Affairs Bahrain as Senior Air Traffic Analyst (2002-2005). 

His research interest are in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms applied to Air Traffic Management and Airport Operations. His expertise are in collision risk, conflict detection and resolution, aviation emission, air traffic sequencing/scheduling, runway optimization. He has over 100 peer-reviewed research publications in high impact journals and conferences. 

He was appointed Editorial Board member of the Transportation Research-Part C Journal (2018) and to the Program Committee of the highly prestigious FAA-Eurocontrol's US & Europe ATM R&D Seminar (2020). 

His research has won several competitive awards which includes: 

-Best Paper Award, 13th US-Europe ATM R&D Seminar, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019 

-Best Paper Award, 49th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, Beijing, China, 2019 

-Best Paper Award, 8th International Conference on Research in Air Transportation, Barcelona, Spain, 2018 

-Best Paper Award, 11th US-Europe ATM R&D Seminar, Lisbon, Portugal, 2015 

-Best Paper Award, 6th International Conference on Research in Air Transportation, Istanbul, Turkey 2014 

-Best Paper Award, 9th US-Europe ATM R&D Seminar, Berlin, Germany, 2011 -ANU Science Medal, Australian National University, 2011 

-Young Tall Poppy ACT Scientist of the Year Award, Australian Institute of Policy and Science, 2011 

-Best Paper Award, 29th IEEE/AIAA Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Salt Lake City, USA 2010. 

-Fresh Scientist Award, Science in Public, Australia, 2009. 

He has been CI/Co-CI on several research projects for the CAAS, Singapore, International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO), Air Services Australia, Eurocontrol and Civil Aviation Authority, Bahrain. He is also the Managing Guest Editor for special issue on Artificial Intelligence in air traffic management for Transport Research Part-C, and invited reviewer for Safety Science, ACM Intelligent Systems, IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transport Systems, European Journal of Operations Research, Applied Soft Computing, IEEE Trans on Evolutionary Computation. 

In 2019, Sameer launched the 1st International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Air Transportation (IEEE AIDA-AT) in Singapore. He was also an organizing co-chair for the 28th Australasian Joint conference on Artificial Intelligence, Canberra, Australia 2016 and conference session chair/member PC for the: -IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Brisbane, Australia, 2013 -29th IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Utah, USA, 2010, -Ph.D. Symposium, Australian Conference on Artificial Life, Sydney, Australia, 2005 . -7th International Conference on Research in Air Transport, ICRAT-2018, -Barcelona, Spain, 2018 -22nd Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Brisbane Australia 2009 , -1st IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life, Hawaii, USA 2007. -International Conference on Neural Information Processing, Shanghai, China, 2011. 

Sameer enjoys general aviation flying, fishing and mountain hiking.

Artificial Intelligence methods for Air Traffic Management and Airport Operations Machine Learning Swarm Intelligence and Ant Colony Optimization Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation Multi Objective Optimization

  • Dynamic Air Traffic Flow Configuration for Flow-centric Airspace Management
  • Machine Learning For Airport Management And Tower Control
  • Managing Multiple Mental Models of Air Traffic Controllers in Flow-Centric ATC Using Intelligent Interactive Devices
  • Mixed Airspace Integration CONOPS Models For Singapore