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Asst Prof Lyu Chen
Nanyang Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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C. Lv, Y. Li, Y. Xing, C. Huang, D. Cao, Y. Zhao, Y. Liu. Human–Machine Collaboration for Automated Driving Using an Intelligent Two-Phase Haptic Interface. Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2021, in press.

P. Hang, C. Lv, Y. Xing, C. Huang, Z. Hu. Human-Like Decision Making for Autonomous Driving: A Noncooperative Game Theoretic Approach, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2020, in press.

Z. Huang, C. Lv, Y. Xing, J. Wu. Multi-modal Sensor Fusion-Based Deep Neural Network for End-to-end Autonomous Driving with Scene Understanding, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2020, in press.

Y. Xing, C. Lv, et al. An Ensemble Deep Learning Approach for Driver Lane Change Intention Inference, Transportation Research Part C, 115: 102615, 2020.

Y. Xing, C. Lv, et al. Driver Activity Recognition for Intelligent Vehicles: A Deep Learning Approach, IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, 68(6), 5379 - 5390, 2019.

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C. Lv, Y. Xing, et al. Levenberg-marquardt backpropagation training of multilayer neural networks for state estimation of a safety critical cyber-physical system, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Informatics, 14(8): 3436-3446, 2018.