Academic Profile

Dr Au obtained BEng (1995) and MPhil (1997) from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and PhD (2001) from the California Institute of Technology, all in civil engineering. Before the present position he has held academic positions at NTU, City University of Hong Kong and University of Liverpool (UK). He has been visiting professor at Tokyo City University and is currently Honorary Visiting Professor with University of Liverpool and Chutian Chair Professor (visiting) with Wuhan University. Dr Au is a chartered civil engineer in Hong Kong. He chaired the ASCE Dynamics Committee (2014-17); is Associate Editor of Structural Health Monitoring (Sage) and Journal of Risk & Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering (ASCE-ASME); and is Editorial Board Member of Earthquake Spectra (EERI) and Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics (Elsevier).

Dr Au performs fundamental and applied research in engineering reliability methods and structural health monitoring. He has developed an advanced Monte Carlo method called Subset Simulation that has found applications in uncertainty propagation and rare event simulation in many disciplines, e.g., earthquake, geotechnical, aerospace, fire, electrical, meteorological and nuclear engineering. The work led to the monograph ‘Engineering Risk Assessment with Subset Simulation’ (Wiley). Dr Au is experienced in full-scale dynamic testing of structures and has consulted on structural vibration projects on long-span pedestrian bridges, large-span floors, super-tall buildings and microtremors for seismic microzonation. Recent research in this area focuses on fundamental theory, computational algorithm and practical implementation of Bayesian approach for modal identification and structural system identification of full-scale structures. The work led to the monograph ‘Operational Modal Analysis: Modelling, Bayesian Inference, Uncertainty Laws’ (Springer). Dr Au is a recipient of the IASSAR Junior Research Prize (2005), Nishino Prize (2011), JSPS Fellowship (2014) and Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship (2015).
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Prof Ivan Au
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Structural vibration testing, structural health monitoring, engineering risk methods, Monte Carlo methods
  • Cost effective methodologies for in-situ dynamic testing and monitoring
  • Wang Zhihua, Au Siu Kui Ivan, Tan, K.H. (2005). Heat transfer analysis using a Green's function approach for uniformly insulated steel members subjected to fire. Engineering Structures, 27(10), 1551-1562.

  • Tan, K.H., Wang Zhihua, Au Siu Kui Ivan. (2004). Heat transfer analysis for steelwork insulated by intumescent paint exposed to standard fire conditions. Structures in Fire (pp. 49-58).