Academic Profile

W. Michelle Wang is an Assistant Professor of English at the School of Humanities, Nanyang Technological University. She received her PhD from The Ohio State University and was previously HASS International Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen Mary University of London. Her research interests are in twentieth and twenty-first century literature, narrative theory, and aesthetics. She teaches undergraduate courses in postmodernism and contemporary literature, and the graduate seminar in the history of literary theory. She is Faculty Mentor for the Double Major programmes in English:
ELAH - English and Art History
ELHS - English and History
ELPL - English and Philosophy
LMEL - Linguistics & Multilingual Studies and English
CNEL - Chinese and English
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Asst Prof W. Michelle Wang
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

W. Michelle Wang's fields of interest are in twentieth and twenty-first century literature. She specializes in areas of narrative theory and aesthetics, and has published articles in journals such as Narrative and Style.
  • Literary Engagements and Imaginative Worldbuilding

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