Academic Profile

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Assoc Prof Nripan Mathews
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

2008 Universite de Paris VI (Paris)
•Graduated with a PhD degree in September 2008
•Title of thesis: Signatures of optically and electrically injected charges in rubrene single crystals
•Classified in the top level of the PhD program
2004 Singapore-MIT Alliance (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & National University of Singapore)
•Graduated in June 2004 with a Master of Science (Advanced Materials for Micro and Nano Systems) degree.
•GPA of 4.5 / 5
2004 Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
•Graduated in January 2003 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Materials Engineering) degree.
•Graduated with First Class Honors
•Selected into the Dean’s list for top students as well as the Accelerated Masters Programme

Work Experience and Projects

January 2014-Present Assistant Professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. Primary focus on perovskite photovoltaics and flexible electronics
Oct 2012-December 2013 Singapore R&D Director of SinBeRISE (Singapore Berkeley Research Initiative for Sustainable Energy). Providing research leadership and directing activities at NTU and NUS in the area of photovoltaics and photoelectrochemical processes.
Jun 2011-May 2012 Visiting Scientist at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland in the lab of Prof Michael Gratzel working on photoelectrochemical water splitting using oxide semiconductors
Nov 2008- May 2011 Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ,working and guiding students in the fields of photovoltaics, printed electronics, oxide nanowires and field emission.
Feb 2005- Oct 2008 Research Associate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: Working on the optimization and fabrication of organic field effect transistors and memory structures.
Aug 2004 -Dec 2004 Process Integration Engineer at Tech Semiconductors: Working in the Advanced Technology Department and involved in the transfer of new generation technologies as well as troubleshooting processes involved in the manufacture of DRAMs

Scholarships, Awards and Achievements
2014 TR35@Singapore winner: MIT Technology Review’s List of Top Innovators
201 Selected to attend the GYSS (Global Young Scientists Summit). Chosen for personal interaction session with the President of Singapore
2006 Awarded the Merlion graduate scholarship for pursuing graduate studies within a Singapore-France research framework
2003 Awarded the Singapore MIT Alliance Scholarship for pursuing Masters degree jointly by Massachusetts Institute of Technology & National University of Singapore.
2003 Placed in the Top 5% of cohort who obtained First Class Honors in Materials Engineering

Patents/ Technology Disclosures
• “Emission Source And Method Of Forming The Same” Patent filed
• “Ultrathin Metal Nanowires For Plasmon Enhanced Solar Cells”- Patent filed
• “Nanowire network based horizontal charge collectors”- Patent filed
• “Processable Perovskite gel for large area printable photovoltaics” Technology disclosure filed
• “Additives to enable solution processed tin based halide perovskite solar cells” Technology disclosure filed
  • ELECTrically Reconfigurable Optoelectronic materials through ionic modulation

  • Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals For High-Order Multiphoton Microscopy

  • Ionic Halide Perovskites for Opto-Neuromorphic In-network Computing (IONIC)

  • NTU Perovskite Intra Create Project

  • Provost's Chair in Materials Science and Engineering (Nripan Mathews)

  • The Science of High INtensitY (SHINY) Perovskite Emitters
  • Tze Chien Sum* and Nripan Mathews*. (2014). Advancements in Perovskite Solar Cells: Photophysics behind the Photovoltaics (Invited Review). Energy & Environmental Science, , DOI: 10.1039/C4EE00673A.

  • Guichuan Xing, Nripan Mathews*, Swee Sien Lim, Natalia Yantara, Xinfeng Liu, Dharani Sabba, Michael Grätzel, Subodh Mhaisalkar and Tze Chien Sum*. (2014). Low-temperature solution-processed wavelength-tunable perovskites for lasing. Nature Materials, 13, 476 - 480.

  • Guichuan Xing, Nripan Mathews*, Shuangyong Sun, Swee Sien Lim, Yeng Ming Lam, Michael Graetzel, Subodh Mhaisalkar, Tze Chien Sum*. (2013). Long-Range Balanced Electron and Hole Transport Lengths in Organic-Inorganic CH3NH3PbI3. Science, 342, 344 - 347.

  • Mulmudi Hemant Kumar, Natalia Yantara, Sabba Dharani, Michael Graetzel, Subodh Mhaisalkar, Pablo Perez Boix, Nripan Mathews. (2013). Flexible, low temperature, solution processed ZnO based perovskite solid state solar cells. Chemical Communications, 49, 11089.

  • N. Mathews,Y.M. Lam,S.G. Mhaisalkar, A.C. Grimsdale. (2010). Materials for printed electronics. International Journal of Materials Research, 101(2), 286.