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Assoc Prof Nripan Mathews
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Provost’s Chair in Materials Science and Engineering
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Selected publications:

1. Koh T.M., Wang H., Ng Y.F., Bruno A., Mhaisalkar S., Mathews N.*, Halide Perovskite Solar Cells for Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Transforming Building Façades Into Power Generators. Advanced Materials, 2022, In Press,DOI:

2. Vashishtha P., Hooper T.J.N., Fang Y., Kathleen D., Giovanni D., Klein M., Mhaisalkar S., Mathews N.*, White T. Room temperature synthesis of low-dimensional rubidium copper halide colloidal nanocrystals with near unity photoluminescence quantum yield. Nanoscale, 2021;13(1):59-65. DOI:

3. Dewi H.A., Li J., Wang H., Chaudhary B., Mathews N.*, Mhaisalkar S., Bruno A., Excellent Intrinsic Long-Term Thermal Stability of Co-Evaporated MAPbI3 Solar Cells at 85 °C. Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, 31(22), 2100557. DOI:

4. Foong J.J.Y.W., Febriansyah B., Singh R.P.J., Koh T.M., Tay D.J.J., Bruno A., Mhaisalkar S., Mathews N.*, Effects of All-Organic Interlayer Surface Modifiers on the Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells. ChemSusChem. 2021, 14(6), 1524-1533. DOI:

5. Ng Y.F., Febriansyah B., Jamaludin N.F., Giovanni D., Yantara N., Chin X.Y., Tay Y.B., Sum T.C., Mhaisalkar S., Mathews N.*, Design of 2D Templating Molecules for Mixed-Dimensional Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes. Chemistry of Materials 2020, 32(19), 8097-8105. DOI:

6. John, R. A., Tiwari, N., Patdillah, M. I. Bin., Kulkarni, M. R., Tiwari, N., Basu, J., Bose, S. K., Yu, C. J., Nirmal, A., Vishwanath, S. K., Bartolozzi, C., Basu, A., Mathews, N.*,, Self Healable Neuromorphic Memtransistor Elements for Decentralized Sensory Signal Processing in Robotics. Nature Communications, 2020, 11 (1), 1–12. DOI:

7. Jamaludin N.F., Yantara N., Giovanni D., Febriansyah B., Tay Y.B., Salim T., Sum T.C., Mhaisalkar S., Mathews N.*, White Electroluminescence from Perovskite-Organic Heterojunction. ACS Energy Lett. 2020, 5(8), 2690-2697. DOI:

8. John, R. A., Acharya, J., Zhu, C., Surendran, A., Bose, S. K., Chaturvedi, A., Tiwari, N., Gao, Y., He, Y., Zhang, K. K., Xu, M., Leong, W.L., Liu, Z.,Basu, A., Mathews, N.*, Optogenetics Inspired Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Neuristors for In-Memory Deep Recurrent Neural Networks. Nature Communications, 2020, 11, 321. DOI:

9. Febriansyah B., Koh T.M., Rana P.J.S., Hooper T.J.N., Ang Z.Z., Li Y., Bruno A., Gratzel M., England J., Mhaisalkar S., Mathews N.*, Hybrid 2D [Pb(CH3NH2)I2]nCoordination Polymer Precursor for Scalable Perovskite Deposition. ACS Energy Lett. 2020, 5(7), 2305-2312. DOI:

10. Dewi H.A., Wang H., Li J., Thway M., Lin F., Aberle A.G., Mathews N.*, Mhaisalkar S., Bruno A. Four-Terminal Perovskite on Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Optimal Measurement Schemes. Energy Technol. 2020, 8(4), 1901267. DOI:

11. Xie L., Vashishtha P., Koh T.M., Harikesh P.C., Jamaludin N.F., Bruno A., Hooper T.J.N., Ng Y.F., Mhaisalkar S., Mathews N.*, Realizing Reduced Imperfections via Quantum Dots Interdiffusion in High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells. Advanced Materials, 2020, 32(40), 2003296. DOI:

12. Harikesh PC, Surendran A, Ghosh B, John RA, Moorthy A, Yantara N, Salim T, Thirumal K, Leong WL, Mhaisalkar S, Mathews N.*, Cubic NaSbS2 as an Ionic–Electronic Coupled Semiconductor for Switchable Photovoltaic and Neuromorphic Device Applications. Advanced Materials. 2020, 32(7),1906976. DOI:

13. Ionotronic Halide Perovskite Drift‐Diffusive Synapses for Low‐Power Neuromorphic Computation, John, R. A., Basu, A., Mathews, N.*, et al., Advanced Materials, 2018, 30, 1805454. DOI:

14. Ultralow Power Dual-Gated Subthreshold Oxide Neuristors: An Enabler for Higher Order Neuronal Temporal Correlations, John, R. A., Basu A*, Mathews N.*, et al., ACS Nano, 2018, 12 (11), 11263-11273, DOI:

15. Slow cooling and highly efficient extraction of hot carriers in colloidal perovskite nanocrystals., Li, M., Bhaumik, S., Goh, T.W., Kumar, M.S., Yantara, N., Grätzel, M., Mhaisalkar, S., Mathews, N.* and Sum, T.C., Nature communications, 2017, 8, p.14350. DOI:

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