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Assoc Prof Chen Hsueh-hua
Associate Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
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Chen, V.H.H., Ibasco, G.C., Lew, V.J.X, Lew J.Y.Y. (Forthcoming). The Effect of VR Avatar Embodiment on Improving Attitudes and Closeness Toward Immigrants. Frontiers in Psychology.

Chen, V.H.H., Ahmed, S. & Chib, A. (2021) The Role of Social Media Behaviors and Structural Intergroup Relations on Immigrant Stereotypes. International Journal of Communication, 15, 4085-4108.

Chen, V.H.H., Wilhelm, C. & Joeckel, S. (2020). Relating video game exposure, sensation seeking, aggression and socioeconomic factors to school performance. Behavior & Information Technology, 39 (9), 957-969.

Chen, V.H.H. & Ong, J. (2018). The Rationalization Process of Online Game Cheating Behaviors.. Information, Communication and Society, 21(2), 273-287.

Chen, V.H.H. & Chng , G.S. (2016). Active and restrictive parental mediation over time: Effects on youths’ self-regulatory competencies and impulsivity. Computers & Education, 98, 206-212.