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Assoc Professor Lam Siu Lee Jasmine
Director, Global Alliance of Industries @ NTU (GAIN)
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Professor Dr. LAM Siu Lee Jasmine
-Vice President and Council Member of International Association of Maritime Economists
-Expert Advisor to governments & organisations

Prof Lam has extensive experience in university teaching, executive training, research and consultancy in the fields of maritime studies, logistics, sustainable development. She is the founding Centre Director of Maritime Energy and Sustainable Development (MESD) Centre of Excellence; served as Director of Maritime Studies programmes at NTU for 12 years (2008-2020). She has been invited by numerous organisations such as IMO, World Bank, IAPH, NOL, port authorities and companies as a keynote speaker, chair, and panelist at international conferences and seminars.

Working closely with the industry, government agencies and other reputed universities, Prof Lam has completed a plenty of both technical and consultancy/ industrial projects, such as data analytics for emission/ business/ risk studies, port master plan, port competitiveness and innovation, green port and shipping, liner shipping competition, trade flow and logistics plan, ASEAN maritime connectivity, and establishing maritime centre/ cluster. She has more than 350 technical publications, including over 160 in leading international journals such as OMEGA, Transportation Research Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, and Part E, Transportation, Transportation Science, Transport Reviews, Energy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Maritime Policy & Management, International Journal of Production Economics, and Industrial Marketing Management.

In terms of professional service and leadership, she is the Associate Editor of Maritime Policy & Management (a flagship journal of maritime research), and Transportation Research Part D (flagship journal of Transport and Environment Research); she serves as the editor/board member of 7 other international journals and holds various prestigious international appointments, such as Expert Advisor to governments & organisations, conference chair, steering committee member, Global Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres Network Stakeholders’ Committee member, invited by International Maritime Organization; Vice President and Council Member of International Association of Maritime Economists (present; 2014-2020, completed maximum term of 6 years, then re-elected at 2022).

Prof Lam is also a passionate mentor who promoted 11 PhD graduates as their sole supervisor, and currently supervising several post-doctoral fellows, over 10 PhD candidates, and many other researchers at NTU also as a sole supervisor. She has also chaired many PhD students’ examination panel, acted as an examiner and advisory committee member of other 20+ PhD students.

Prof Lam is honoured to be at the Top 0.3% scientist in the world [global list by Stanford University] and the recipient of many awards, including the following.

- 30th Anniversary Top Scholar grand award, International Association of Maritime Economists, 2022
- Best Paper Award (MPM Best Paper), International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference, 2020
- Best Paper Award (Kyoto Prize), International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference, 2019
- Maritime Policy & Management Best Published Manuscript Award, 2015 and 2017
- National Day Honours 2015 Commendation Medal awarded by the President of Singapore, Prime Minister’s Office, 2015
- Erasmus Mundus Scholars Award, European Commission, 2014-2016
- Best Paper Award, International Conference on Quality, Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, and Safety Engineering, 2014
- Next Generation Container Port Challenge Commendation Prize, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and Singapore Maritime Institute, 2013
- Eagle Prize, The International Association of Maritime Economists, 2012
- Best Reviewer Award, The International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference, 2012
- Eminent Scholar Award, Chinese government, 2012
- Best Paper Award, The International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference, 2006
- Scholarship for MSc study awarded by the Administration of Foreign Affairs of Flanders, Belgium

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Development of integrated intelligent systems/ decision support systems;
Innovation, including data analytics, blockchain;
Port economics, planning and management;
Sustainable development;
Risk management;
Logistics and Supply chain management;
Maritime and port policy;
Trade and maritime developments, especially for Asia, including Belt and Road Initiative
  • Application of Carbon Capture Technology for the Reduction of GHG Emission from Ships (Phase 1 & 2)
  • Global Alliance for Industry @ NTU (GAIN)
  • The Maritime Public Leaders' Programme