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Assoc Professor Lam Siu Lee Jasmine
Director, Global Alliance of Industries @ NTU (GAIN)
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Iris, C. and Lam, J.S.L. 2021. Optimal energy management and operations planning in seaports with smart grid while harnessing renewable energy under uncertainty, Omega, 103, 102445.

Bai, X.* and Lam, J.S.L. 2021. Freight rate co-movement and risk spillovers in the product tanker shipping market: A copula analysis, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 149, 102315.
(*denotes PhD student)

Pu, S.* and Lam, J.S.L. 2021. Greenhouse gas impact of digitalizing shipping documents: Blockchain vs. centralized systems, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Vol. 97, 102942.

Pu, S.* and Lam, J.S.L. 2021. Blockchain adoptions in the maritime industry: a conceptual framework. Maritime Policy & Management, 48 (6), 777-794.

Sun, H.*, Lam, J.S.L. and Zeng, Q., 2021. The dual-channel sales strategy of liner slots considering shipping e-commerce platforms. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 159, 107516.

Zhang, X.* Lam, J.S.L. and Iris, C.** 2020. Cold Chain Shipping Mode Choice with Environmental and Financial Perspectives, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Vol. 87, 102537.
(**denotes research staff)

Xiao, Z.* and Lam, J.S.L. 2020. The impact of institutional conditions on willingness to take contractual risk in port public-private partnerships of developing countries, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 133, 12-26.

Lam, J.S.L. and Zhang, X.* 2019. Innovative solutions for enhancing customer value in liner shipping, Transport Policy, Vol. 82, 88-95.

Iris, C.** and Lam, J.S.L. 2019. Recoverable robustness in weekly berth and quay crane planning, Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 122, 365-389.

Bai, X.* and Lam, J.S.L. 2019. A copula-GARCH approach for analyzing dynamic conditional dependency structure between liquefied petroleum gas freight rate, product price arbitrage and crude oil price, Energy Economics, Vol. 78, 412-427.

Cao, X.* and Lam, J.S.L. 2019. A fast reaction-based port vulnerability assessment: case of the Tianjin Port explosion, Transportation Research Part A, Vol. 128, 11-33.

Qiu, X.** and Lam, J.S.L. 2018. The Value of Sharing Inland Transportation Services in a Dry Port System, Transportation Science, Vol. 52(4), pp. 739-1034.

Chen, H.*, Lam, J.S.L. and Liu, N. 2018. Strategic Investment in Enhancing Port–Hinterland Container Transportation Network Resilience: A Network Game Theory Approach, Transportation Research Part B, 111, 83-112.

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Lam, J.S.L. 2015. Designing a sustainable maritime supply chain: A hybrid QFD-ANP approach, Transportation Research Part E, Vol. 78, pp. 70-81

Lam, J.S.L. and Dai, J. 2015. Developing supply chain security design of logistics service providers: An Analytical Network Process-Quality Function Deployment approach, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, Vol. 45(7), pp. 674–690

Du, Y., Chen, Q., Lam, J.S.L., Xu, Y., Cao, J.X. 2015. Modeling the impacts of tides and the virtual arrival policy in berth allocation, Transportation Science, Vol. 49(4), pp. 939-956.

Lam, J.S.L. and Notteboom, T. 2014. The greening of ports: a comparison of port management tools used by leading ports in Asia and Europe, Transport Reviews, Vol. 34(2), pp. 169-189.
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