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Dr Daniel Siew Hoi Kok
Senior Lecturer, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Leadership, Management & Organisation
Daniel Siew is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Leadership, Management & Organisation Division of Nanyang Business School (NBS). He teaches Organisational Behaviour and Leadership at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is a Specialist Adult Educator (SAE) and a Certified Return on Investment Professional (CRP). He was a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) and an Associate Practising Management Consultant (PMC).

Daniel received his PhD in Education from the National Institute of Education. He has an MSc in System Integration from the US Naval Postgraduate School and an MBA in Management of Information Technology from NBS. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the Singapore Institute of Management and a Graduate Diploma in Organisational Learning from the Civil Service College. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2nd Class Upp Hons) from the Nanyang Technological University.

Prior to joining NBS, Daniel served the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in various command, staff and instructional appointments. These included the Deputy Head of SAF Centre for Leadership Development, the Commander of Air Force Officers’ Advanced School and the Commanding Officer of 165 Squadron. He was a distinguished graduate of the Singapore Command and Staff Course and a participant in the Asia Pacific Programme for Senior Military Officers, the Japan Air Self Defence Force International Seminar and the India Army War College Higher Defence Orientation Course. For his outstanding service, he was awarded the Long Service Medal (Military) and the Commendation Medal (Military) by the President of the Republic of Singapore. He remains as an executive coach for coaching senior SAF officers and facilitating their units’ team building and development.

Daniel is passionate about helping students and leaders learn to become better at leading themselves, their teams and organisation. He specialises in designing lessons, systems, programmes and interventions unique to the learners’ context and business. Through his customised approaches, the students and leaders he had trained have gained personal mastery while becoming more proficient leaders at building teams and transforming their organisations. Daniel has delivered effective professional and leadership development programmes and interventions to various levels of SAF leaders. He has also facilitated and partnered numerous management teams to achieve their desired organisational outcomes.

It is Daniel’s belief that every adult learner wants to and can learn. He embraces the learning metaphor of “becoming” – which originates from the enlightened learning philosophy that addresses the tension between the problematic dichotomies of mind and body; individual and social; and structure and agency – to facilitate authentic and transformational learning. Daniel firmly believes that learning impacts an individual’s “becoming” a better self that can effectively tackle real world issues.

When teaching, Daniel is conscious of the ontological, praxiological and axiological aspects of learning, in addition to the epistemological aspect of teaching. He pays attention to the learning needs and learning styles of the students when facilitating their learning. Being learner-centred, he ensures that his students not only experience the teaching content, but are also able to relate it to their personal experiences in a real world context. He believes in helping learners see the relevance of learning as this in turn empowers them, as well as encourages them to seek further learning.
Daniel has spoken in the International Military Testing Association (IMTA) conference, international conference on Researching for Work and Learning (RWL) and the Adult Learning Symposium (ALS). His research interests include:

1. Leadership and leadership development
2. Professional learning and development
3. Adult learning, development and performance
4. Human resource consulting
Courses Taught
AB1601 - Organisational Behaviour and Design
SAF007E - Team Development
AB1601 - GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme OB & Design
SAF002E - Leadership in Context
SAF002 - Leadership in Context