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Assoc Prof Koh Cheng Gee
Associate Chair (Faculty), School of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences
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Dr. Koh Cheng Gee obtained her BSc(Hons) from the National University of Singapore and her PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK. She joined the School of Biological Sciences (NTU) in 2004 as Assistant Professor. She is currently Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Faculty) at the School of Biological Sciences.
Our laboratory is interested in the signal transduction events involving small GTPases of the Rho family, their regulators and effectors. These proteins play key roles in transducing extracellular stimuli into distinct responses including cell shape changes, cell motility, adhesion, cell division and phagocytosis. The emphasis of our current research is on the kinase PAK, its interacting protein PIX and a family of serine/threonine phosphataes of the PP2C family, POPXs.
  • Mechanosenstive Responses Of Tumor Cells Under Compression
  • POPX2 Phosphatase Regulates Rigidity Sensing
Supervision of PhD Students
Targa, Altea (2020) - Human cells can adaptively evolve to hypomorphic mutations in an essential gene of the nuclear pore complex

Xing, Qiaorui (2019) - Single-cell analyses to decipher cell fate reprogramming

Kim, Purum (2019) - Understanding the biological functions of POPX2 phosphatase through its interactome

Kamaladasan Kalidasan (2019) - Circular dorsal ruffles : a mode of steering cells

Chen, Kunning (2018) - The regulation of KIF3A motor subunit by phosphorylation

Jain, Abhishek (2018) - Metabolomics analysis of bacterial interactions with the environment: perspective from human gut and heavy metal stress

Muhammad Bakhait Rahmat (2018) - The role of POPX2 in the regulation of hippo pathway

Koon, Yen Ling (2018) - Computational modelling of protein-protein and cell-cell interaction across multiple scales

Dasgupta, Ishani (2016) - Role of osmotic pressure in the regulation of cytoskeleton during mitosis

Tan, Mei Hua (2015) - Regulation of differentiation by rhogtpases in mouse embryonic stem cells

Ou, Sirong (2015). LIMK1 regulates centrosome integrity and mitotic spindle positioning