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Tamara S. Wagner obtained her PhD from Cambridge University. Her books include Victorian Narratives of Failed Emigration: Settlers, Returnees, and Nineteenth-Century Literature in English (2016), Financial Speculation in Victorian Fiction: Plotting Money and the Novel Genre, 1815-1901 (2010), and Longing: Narratives of Nostalgia in the British Novel, 1740-1890 (2004). She has also edited various special issues as well as collections on Domestic Fiction in Colonial Australia and New Zealand (2014), Victorian Settler Narratives: Emigrants, Cosmopolitans and Returnees in Nineteenth-Century Literature (2011), and Antifeminism and the Victorian Novel: Rereading Nineteenth-Century Women Writers (2009). Her articles have appeared in Victorian Literature and Culture, the Journal of Victorian Culture, the Modern Language Quarterly, and Nineteenth-Century Contexts, among others.
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Assoc Prof Tamara Silvia Wagner
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Victorian Literature
Charles Dickens
  • Victorian Domestic Labour: Literary Maps of Changing Household Problems and Solutions
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