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Assoc Prof Yoo Seong Woo
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • All-fibre Approach for Multi-photon Imaging Ultrafast Laser Development
  • CCF CALT Sub-Project 3- Investigation of multi-point cascade fiber beam combiner
  • CCF CALT Sub-Project 4- Exploration of ultimate glass for high power laser fibres
W0/2017/086880: Lighting Apparatus And Method Of Forming the Same (2017)
Abstract: According to embodiments of the present invention, a lighting apparatus is provided. The lighting apparatus includes at least one light source configured to provide a source light, an optical waveguide optically coupled to the at least one light source, the optical waveguide having at least one input region through which the source light enters the optical waveguide for propagation within the optical waveguide, and a plurality of light interacting structures arranged within the optical waveguide, the plurality of light interacting structures adapted to interact with the source light to provide an illumination light emitted from the optical waveguide to an ambient environment, wherein a concentration of the plurality of light interacting structures increases, along a length portion of the optical waveguide, in a direction away from the at least one input region.