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Assoc Prof Cao Bin
Associate Chair (Research), School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Bairoliya S, Koh J, Cao B* (2022) Extracellular DNA in environmental samples: Occurrence, extraction, quantification, and impact on microbial biodiversity assessment. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 88: AEM01845-21.

Mukherjee M, Cao B* (2021) Engineering controllable biofilms for biotechnological applications. Microbial Biotechnology 14: 74-78. [invited "Crystal Ball" paper]

Mukherjee M, Zaiden N, Teng AMR, Hu Y, Cao B* (2020) Shewanella Biofilm Development and Engineering for Environmental and Bioenergy Applications. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 59: 84-92.

Wu Y, Zaiden N, Liu X, Mukherjee M, Cao B* (2020) Responses of Exogenous Bacteria to Soluble Extracellular Polymeric Substances in Wastewater: A Mechanistic Study and Implications on Bioaugmentation. Environmental Science & Technology 54: 6919-6928.

Hu Y, Liu X, Teng AMR, Gu J, Cao B* (2019) Optogenetic modulation of a catalytic biofilm for biotransformation of indole into tryptophan. ChemSusChem 12: 5142-5148.

Bairoliya S, Kumar A, Cao B* (2019) Extracellular DNA in Monochloraminated Drinking Water and Its Influence on DNA-based Profiling of Microbial Community. Environmental Science & Technology Letters 6: 306-312.

Mukherjee M, Hu Y, Tan CH, Rice S, Cao B*. (2018). Engineering a Light-responsive, Quorum Quenching Biofilm to Mitigate Biofouling on Water Purification Membranes. Science Advances, 4(12), eaau1459.

Yang Y, Wu Y, Hu Y, Wang H, Guo L, Fredrickson JK, Cao B* (2017) Harnessing the periplasm of bacterial cells to develop biocatalysts for the biosynthesis of highly pure chemicals. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 84:1 11 e01693-17.

Mukherjee M, Nishanth M, Liu X, Kang Y, Cao B*. (2016). Confocal laser scanning microscopy-compatible microfluidic membrane flow cell as a non-destructive tool for studying biofouling dynamics on forward osmosis membranes. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 3(8), 303-309.

Wu Y, Mohanty A, Chia WS, Cao B*. (2016). Influence of 3-chloroaniline on the biofilm lifestyle of Comamonas testosteroni and its implications on bioaugmentation. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82, 4401-4409.

Wu Y, Shukal S, Mukherjee M, Cao B*. (2015). Involvement in denitrification is beneficial to the biofilm lifestyle of Comamonas testosteroni: A mechanistic study and its environmental implications. Environmental Science & Technology, 49, 11551-11559.

Mohanty A, Wei L, Lu L, Chen Y, Cao B* (2015) Impact of sublethal levels of single-wall carbon nanotubes on pyoverdine production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its environmental implications. Environmental Science & Technology Letters 2: 105-111.

Ding Y, Peng N, Du Y, Ji L, Cao B* (2014) Disruption of putrescine biosynthesis in Shewanella oneidensis enhances biofilm cohesiveness and performance in Cr(VI) immobilization. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80(4): 1498-1506.
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Hu Y, Mukherjee M, Cao B* (2019) Biofilm Biology-informed Biofilm Engineering for Environmental Biotechnology, in Biofilm Engineering. Published by American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications.​
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